Competition: Best Halloween Costumes in #ScaryOak

The Tab join forces with Selly Joke so you can get your scare on

It’s competition time! We all know that the scariest things this year are student loans, Miley Cyrus and the NSA reading your drunken sexts.


We don’t expect to see anything nearly as scary as any of that this year, but The Tab have teamed up with the guys at Selly Joke (suppliers of beer pong, onesies, nurse outfits and more) to help get you in the mood to be scary. As scary as your first Tennis Courts pres.

We are running a competition to find the best Halloween costume, whether that be the best looking, most innovative or just plain funniest. If you think you can make people scream, then get your pictures in (keep them decent, not that kind of scream).

Can you beat Selly Joke’s attempt?

Send us your pictures on Twitter @TheTabBrum @SellyJoke using the hashtag #ScaryOak

The prize for the best costume will be a spine-chillingly cold crate of delicious Frosties cider. That’s right, because at Halloween we all want boos. Don’t drink it all at once or you may be haunted by some trademark Frosty Jack memories. (Are any of these even half good?)

The winner will be picked at midday on Monday. Keep it spooky, Selly!