Get your Brumbrellas out

Severe weather expected to hit Birmingham this week

Brace yourselves tonight, Fab-goers, and for the rest of the weekend as there’s a big storm coming our way.

The Met Office has issued an Amber alert or Monday, predicting high winds and heavy rainfall. Gusts of wind are anticipated to reach 80mph, causing the air to feel a chilly 5 degrees.

photo from Dr Chris Allen's time lapse of the Brum skyline

photo from Dr Chris Allen’s time lapse of the Brum skyline

Unfortunately, you should be prepared for ‘hazardous conditions’, and those with 9am lectures will feel the worst of it.

Selly Oak’s Monday forecast. Source:

The wild circumstances mean that surface water flooding is a possibility, however the Environment Agency states this is ‘low-risk’ in the West Midlands.

The main concern for those in Selly Oak will be perilous driving conditions. Tree debris will litter the roads, so drivers should be extra cautious particularly when the rain is falling too.

By Tuesday this will all have passed though, and although still breezy and cold, we might even see a dry day.

Tuesday’s forecast paints a much better picture

Remember to stay safe, Selly Oak.