10 reasons to visit the new Birmingham library

We thought it was about time we jumped on the new library bandwagon

A brand spanking new library has opened New Street, and although it’s been although it’s likened to Dumbledore’s office, we wanted to find out if it’s really worth abandoning the suicide booths and the daily struggle to find a space in UoB’s main library.

1. Gardens

It’s only gone and got two bloody rooftop gardens- definitely beats starting out of the window at the Arts building.


Ahhhh so pretty

2. Escalators

Stairs are so mainstream, man. It’s way more edgy to glide past that guy you had a one night stand with at Fab than potentially tripping up and falling on your face up those library stairs. We can’t promise we won’t try and plank on the airport style ‘travellators’ though…


Having a bit too much fun…

3. It’s the largest regional library in EUROPE!

Massive. Yes, this actually means no more saving your cubicle with a copy of ‘The Complete Works of Shakespeare’ to try and scare any bold freshers off (why are they in the library anyway?!)

4. Google HQ Chairs

Think the nap room in The Internship. There are hundreds of them on all floors. It’s the least they could do really-  name someone who’d take a library chair over a comfy cocoon to study that all important document for their dissertation… Just don’t fall asleep!


Perfect for a good nap but maybe a bit old for that dissertation?


We all love a good bit of bargaining. All you need is a form of ID and a bill proving you live in Birmingham to join this shining airport/ rooftop garden/ google headquarter hybrid. And if you usually spend most of the day in bed, you can even do it online here. Win!

6. Books, books and more books

With 400,000 books and about 600,000 more in storage, we’re also pretty sure you’ll be able to find that book you need without having to trek to the Orchard Learning Resource Centre in the pouring rain. (Where even is it?)


7. The Amphitheatre

We know you’re probably imagining gruesome Roman warrior battles in study breaks, but the reality isn’t too disappointing. Sunk into the ground next to the music library, the amphitheatre isn’t going to be a quiet zone but it’ll be ideal when your iPod conks out.

8. The Shakespeare Memorial Room

CALLING ALL SHAKESPEARE BOFFS! Situated on the 9th floor, it has a collection of 43,000 books and is renowned as the most important collection of Shakespeare in Britain- It even includes copies of the Bard’s First, Second, Third and Fourth Folio editions.


Not quite the Bard’s finest works… but it’ll do

 9. Foodie heaven

iLounge, move aside. Dumbles office has two cafés- which means no massive queues at 12.

10. Cheeky secrets

Located on the lower ground floor, you will find a library of secrets. A chance to confess or share your biggest secret with millions of strangers whether it be how many times you chundered in the toilets at Fab or something a bit deeper, all you have to do scribble it down on a scrap of paper and tuck it into one of the books provided (obviously after having a sneaky peek at some of the secrets already hidden).




Photos by Charlotte Wilson