Vintage Kilo Sale, bags of riches or bags of rags?

Alex was left underwhelmed by the Kilo vintage sale last weekend

When I heard that a Vintage Kilo sale was coming to Birmingham’s ‘home of all things edgy’ The Custard Factory, I was excited. However it is with a heavy heart that I say I was disappointed. This could have been due to the fact that I entered with too high a hopes, with my on-going love affair with ‘Cow’ and ‘Urban Village’ (the shop not the bar) I was envisaging buckets of Levi shorts, denim jackets galore and maybe even a cheeky fur coat… Macklemore style. However what I was greeted with was buckets of what appeared to be vintage cast offs.

Picture racks and racks of garish Christmas jumpers, no not the hipster kind, think Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones.


That’s not to say however that the sale had nothing to offer, if you happened to be on the search for an authentic army jacket then you needn’t have looked further.

But which one do I choose?

But which one do I choose?

Where the sale did improve however, was in the Jewellery section, sadly this couldn’t be included in your kilo. However, there were some bargains to be had- examples being fur hats, and for all you ‘Clueless’ fans out there, you had your pick in scrunchies.


used-scrunchie galore

Overall, given the offer of a kilo of clothes for £15, I shouldn’t have expected much and, admittedly, if you were prepared to dig deep into the huge bins of clothes you may have got your money’s worth. However I struggled to find my 3-4 items to make up my kilo and it wasn’t from lack of trying!

everybody, dig in!

everybody, dig in!

That being said, my house mate and I did manage to find a few gems so it wasn’t all bad.


Scrounged the only pair of Levis shorts, every cloud…

cheeky Red leather Jacket £15

cheeky Red leather Jacket £15


The Kilo sale wasn’t as glorious as I was led to believe, and in future I would suggest sticking to the usual Custard Factory gems like Urban Village and Cow to get your vintage fix.