Brum ranked 14th best city for young people

Brum is only 14th best city for young people

There are a whopping 13 UK cities better than Birmingham for young people to live in.

Birmingham came 14th in a study to find the cities that offer the best quality of life for today’s 18–30 year olds.

Brum falls behind dodgy towns such as Belfast and Sunderland in the study by Legal & General.

The research asked over 2,000 respondents aged 18-30 from across the 20 most populous UK cities to rank the factors that would have the most positive impact on their quality of life.

These criteria were used to assess and rank the quality of life for young adults within the 20 cities. The criteria were:

1. Cost of living
2. A job I enjoy
3. A good work life balance
4. Good opportunities where I live
5. The ability to save
6. Good wages
7. Low crime
8. Good choice of culture and entertainment
9. A nice environment
10. Reasonable rates for renting a home

Dr Esmée Hanna, lead researcher of the report, commented: “The purpose of the report is to provide insight into what makes a city a great place to live for young adults.”

Cardiff came out on top, overshadowing Birmingham’s performance of 14th position.

The ranking itself is not a total embarrassment – at least we made the top 20. However, to be out performed by midland rivals Coventry and Leicester has knocked our pride a bit.

Still, we beat Nottingham – take that East Midlands.

Don’t worry Brum,  we still love you.

Maybe they should research around Selly Oak next time- the crime rate might be a bit iffy, but Roosters and Drinks 2 Go certainly enhance the quality of life.