The Great Garvey: son of Jamaican civil rights legend visits UoB

The son of Jamaican hero and civil rights activist Marcus Garvey visits UoB

It’s not every day that the son of a legendary freedom fighter drops into Birmingham.

But this Black History Month Birmingham was fortunate enough to be selected as one of the four cities that Dr Julius Garvey, the son of Jamaican hero and civil rights activist Marcus Garvey, visited on his UK tour: ‘Doing It For Love’.

Jamaican Hero: Marcus Garvey

Dr Garvey lectured UoB students on Garveyism in the 21st century as well as giving talks on youth, culture and education during Black History Month.

The legend’s lectures aimed to encourage students to learn more about their roots and help them feel positive about the future.

Dr Garvey commented that “The main aim of the tour is for young people to learn something, be motivated by something and leave with something.”

Dr. Julius Garvey

A Birmingham-based community activist, Desmond Jaddoo and the CEO of London’s Treatment Music, Eddie Capone said “This historic tour will bring the community together.”

He added, “It’s an ideal opportunity for children studying black history to meet a direct descendant of the people they are studying.”

Desmond Jaddoo

The black community has a history to be proud of and Dr Garvey’s tour is an ideal time to get our pride and identity back.”

The university will be putting on lots of different events during Black History month, which is running from 3rd -31st October, so make sure you check it out.