Bomb scare in Selly

Selly was in lockdown earlier today after a grenade was found

A bomb disposal team were on the scene in Selly earlier this afternoon after a grenade was found during the demolition of an old car lot building.

Bristol Road was cordoned off but reopened at approximately 8.30pm, and the grenade was quickly made safe by the bomb disposal team.

Matt Rolf of Selly Joke told the Birmingham Mail, “The car lot recently closed. As they were demolishing it they’ve seen a box come off the roof.

“When they opened the box, there was a handgun and a grenade in there.”

He lamented that customers could not access shops on the high street saying, “It’s disrupted all of the businesses here, it’s lucky it’s come later in the day.”

Bus services were diverted to the new Selly Oak by-pass to avoid the hazardous area and many have were evacuated from nearby homes for safety measures.

Some unfortunate residents were even forced to take refuge in the UoB library.

The West Midlands Police have reassured the public not to panic.

One student tweets his concern

All is well and our beloved Selly Oak eateries, brothels and pubs remain unscathed. Phew!