‘Rate your shag’ no more

‘Rate your shag’ pages taken down by Facebook after uproar

Many worried students returning from their walk of shame will be delighted today to hear the news that Facebook has closed down all University ‘Rate Your Shag’ pages.

The pages, which caused uproar amongst students, followed a similar style to the ‘Spotted’ pages, yet they went one step further.

Users were encouraged to name and shame past or current sexual partners, giving them a rating out of 10.

The poster of the comment would remain anonymous whilst their victims, often unaware, were named for all users to see.

Comments, posted by both males and females, included “Poor effort. you obv think you’re doing a great job. Shouting “I’M SO GOOD AT THIS” never helps. I did enjoy the location though. Better luck next time 2/10.”

And, “Told me he was a pro, but when we got to the bedroom it was obvious that he had no idea what he was doing”

The initial feeling was that students would soon see the vulgarity of the idea and the pages would gain little following.

However, within a few days Loughborough University’s page had gained 2500 likes and Manchester’s over 8000 at the time of closure.

Birmingham’s page reached just over 800, obviously we have more decorum here in Brum.

One student clearly thought the page was ‘good banter’, posting on the page, “the feminists will be ALL over this.”

The UoB Women’s Association said in a statement, “It is important to distinguish between harmless jokes, often characterised as banter, and the damaging slander that this page promotes, objectifying people and judging them on sexual ability…”

Universities have warned they will take legal action against anyone found responsible for creating or posting on the pages, so if you were thinking of broadcasting last night’s antics to the world, first, take a good look at yourself in the mirror, and second, make sure you get yourself a good lawyer.