How to fit in at Seedy

A quick guide on how to fit in at Seedy if you’ve never been before. Shh, don’t mention One Direction!


Are you a Seedy virgin? If you’re too alternative for Fab and have bagged yourself a ticket to Seedy, then you should follow The Tab’s guide on how to fit in. We promise that no one will ever know that you secretly love One Direction if you follow our simple steps.

1. Be edgy. Wear a cool tie-dyed vintage tee, don’t run around over-excitedly taking photos of you and your friends (guilty) and always try to strike an edgy pose for the camera. You must learn to blend in.


2. Wear a snap-back. Preferably with a brand that you have no understanding of. American Baseball team caps are a fav- who cares if you have no idea who they are! Stealing someone else’s on the night also counts, but be prepared to face the consequences- hipsters can get very protective over their head gear.

Our own Tom Milnes reppin’ the snap-back look

She’s got it

3. Wear Disco Pants – ah the dreaded Disco Pant. These can look incredible on the right person, however if you, like me, struggle to get these over your arm let alone your arse you can forget about it.

I totally look like this…

If I don’t eat for a year maybe they will fit

4. Pretend to know your tunes. If you’re not that clued up with the music, you need to at least pretend that you are. When a song comes on and everyone else around you gets excited, but you have no idea why, join in. Don’t be over the top though, and remain cool. Remember, you’re edgy now. Just nod in silent, confused, appreciation. Probably best not to mention that you enjoy anything by Flo-Rida or Olly Murs.

Sorry Olly

5.  Carry a water bottle around with you, instead of an alcoholic beverage. You’re too alternative for alcohol now.

6. Don’t call it ‘Seedys’. They don’t like it.

Not kewl.

So there you have it, follow these simple steps and you’ll fit in perfectly. We’re just messing! Kind of…(but not really)