Birmingham Lions roar to national title

After claiming the national title, the Tab caught up with next years club president Stefan Rowden


Brum’s American Football squad claimed the national title this season. Impressed, The Tab stepped up to the line of scrimmage to speak to next season’s club president, Stefan Rowden.

The Tab: Hi Stefan, So you guys just won the league, was that an aim at the start of the season? Did you think you could win?

Stefan Rowden: Winning the national championship was the aim from day one. As a team we knew we were capable, but most importantly everyone understood the sacrifice it was going to take to achieve it. For the players and coaches who suffered the heartbreak of losing last year’s final, this season started an entire year ago.  I believe the way the national championship game finished (coming from behind and getting the winning score with 40 seconds remaining) is a testament to how we have prepared ourselves over the past 12 months.

Who were your toughest opposition?

We have played some quality teams this year. In the regular season we always have the likes of Loughbrough to contend with, as well as the fast up and coming program which Nottingham Trent are putting together. However it’s hard to look past our opponents in the final- Hertfordshire were reigning champions. They are a quality, well coached outfit with exceptional athletes all over the field.

 We interviewed the cheer leading squad last month, did their support help?

The support we get from the cheerleaders is nothing short of phenomenal! We can always rely on them whether we’re playing on a sunny day on the Birmingham campus or in a snow storm in Scotland. Birmingham Lions are proud to be affiliated with The Pussycats.

The Champions!!!

 You’re president for next season so what are the aims, league title again? Did you get to qualify for any international tournament by winning?

Being national champions is always the ultimate goal for the season. There is a culture of always competing established within the club and so we would never be satisfied with aiming for anything less.

 When did you get into American football?

I discovered American football four years ago, at home on a night when I couldn’t get to sleep. I found a late night game on TV and set myself the challenge of learning the rules. After watching a few games in the span of around a week I ended up falling in love with the sport. I always had the stereotypical view that it was a soft version of rugby, but after playing for club and country I can confirm it is not!

What NFL team do you support? Is American football your favorite American sport?

I support the Arizona Cardinals, (or if you would rather watch people being smashed) who were exciting to watch and reasonably successful when I first got into the sport.

 After you guys won I guess there were some heavy celebrations, any good stories, names don’t need to be mentioned?

 It was great to spend the night with the team after achieving what we had all worked so hard towards. There was champagne in the changing rooms afterwards, and plenty of (pretty awful) singing. The Gun Barrels welcomed us when we got back to Birmingham that evening and we celebrated there into the early hours.

 Where’s the teams favorite night out?

Everyone seems to have a good time wherever we go. There have been many memorable nights out this year, including our Super bowl party at our sponsor Walkabout, any Fab after we have played a game on a Saturday (especially after xpLosION) and a few nights at Flares, which seems to be the team’s guilty pleasure.

If you had to pick one, who would you say was the best drinker on the team?

Highly debatable…too hard to pick a clear winner!

Who’s the best with the ladies?

Tim Curry without a doubt.