Bullied for being beautiful

Brum student and Miss Undergraduate 2013 has spoken out about being bullied at school.

She aced her A levels, got into UoB and was crowned Miss Undergraduate 2013.

Miss Undergraduate 2013

But life hasn’t always been easy for Maths student Charlotte Peach, who spoke to The Tab about winning the prestigious beauty pageant earlier this month.

In a candid interview, the blonde bombshell revealed that she suffered years of abuse from school bullies over her good looks and grades, describing her school years as a “living hell.”

The straight-A student claims that at one point, she had to call the police after cyber-bullies targeted her Facebook and vandalised her parents’ home.

“It go to the point where they egged my mum’s car and ripped up the flower bed,” she told the Daily Mail.

“We had to get the police in and they asked whether we wanted to push harassment charges.”

Charlotte (second from right) at the pageant

Charlotte, who attended Chasetown Specialist Sports College, smashed her school exams, gaining six A*s and 5 As at GCSE and two As and a B at A level.

Bullied: Charlotte Peach

She started a Maths degree at Brum two years ago.

“It was the subject I most liked at school so I just carried on with it,” she told The Tab.

But, back then, times were tough and school bullies teased Charlotte for:

• her “tree-trunk legs;”

• being a “big-boobed bimbo;”

• being a “Jordan wannabe.”

Thankfully, Charlotte’s family were able to support her, since back in the ’70s, her mum Linda was also teased by jealous schoolmates.

Showing off her winning pout

But, like her daughter, Linda had the last laugh when she was names Miss Pelsall 1975 in her West Midlands hometown.

Not just a pretty face

“I never let the bullies get me down and luckily I’ve risen above it all,” Charlotte told the Mail.

“I’ve made some true friends for life since I joined uni – and I’ve finally been able to feel confident in myself.

“I’ve got my mum to thank for it, as we’ve both stayed pretty grounded and to a uncanny extent mirrored each others lives.”

Charlotte won a year’s gym membership and a holiday to Ibiza as part of her beauty pageant victory, and raised money for charity in the process.

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