Skating around Brum

VIDEO: The best skate spots around the university, visited by Sam Curtis.


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It was a cold Saturday afternoon, my losing streak on Fifa was starting to spiral out of control and I decided that the best way to distract myself would be to take to the streets and see what Brum has to offer in the way of skating.

Pritchatt’s Park

On the hunt for something to grind, I set my sights on the stairway that connects the two car parks near the Metchley pitches. It boasts a particularly extravagant rail!

All was going well, and I had some cool shots in the bag. But a brief lapse of concentration resulted in a close call…

Top tip: Avoid falling on sensitive areas. Thankfully nothing was damaged and I moved on.

Mason Halls

Glitzy Mason lives up to its reputation by offering some rich skateable terrain. With the beautiful lake and surroundings, what’s not to love? Let me tell you. You know the brown bollards that are dotted around? I didn’t love them. I crashed into those bollards more times than I’d like to admit. They do little to tarnish the general good vibes of skating around the vale.

Tennis Courts

Despite the notable lack of tennis facilities in Brum, these halls make up for it by providing enough rails to keep you busy for an hour or so. It reminded me of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater with its implausible layouts, which is obviously cool.

With bruised shins, I can safely say that UoB has delivered. There are lots of fun ledges and rails to grind or jump over, and I’m sure most of the best features are yet to be discovered. Might try campus next…

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