Who really brought the Yaya Toure chant to Brum?

Put an end to the great debate: who brought the Yaya Toure chant to Sports night?

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A number of claims have surfaced lately about the origins of the now famous Yaya Toure chant to Sports Night. It’s high time that the truth came out.

The fate lies with you, our Tab readers, to settle the debate. Read the claims of each team and whoever receives the most votes will be crowned the true originators of the chant in Brum. If you’re slightly behind, here it is:

UoB Rugby Team

The rugby lads refused to comment

First up, a team more known for their drinking ability than their musical talent, the Uni rugby team. Here’s a comment one member left recently:

However, we contacted the rugby team and the killjoys refused to defend this claim. They don’t seem confident.

2. Business-Society Football Team

Business-soc footie team claim it all began at their Xmas social

Business goalkeeper and Man City season ticket holder Pete Harris said: “It was at Christmas sports night, the team just started singing it on the walk up then when we got there everyone was outside ‘cos of the power cut so started singing it again.” Pretty sound.

3. Gaelic Football Team

Or was it the cheeky Gaelic Football chappies?

Next up was the Gaelic Football team, the team who started the controversial debate. Following his outrageous comments in our interview, club captain Jack Hennessy had these insightful words for you: “Because Shane’s winning matches, Shane’s winning games, Shane’s bringing Yaya back to Birmingham again”. Thanks Jack, very helpful and good luck to Shane.

Yaya Toure

The man himself

The last claim is the big man himself. Yaya is frequently seen with the mixed bowls society and is apparently a big fan of Birmingham Sports night. However one Wednesday night he thought the music just wasn’t good enough and what’s better than song about himself, and every now and then his brother. (Their mum asked Yaya to include him.) He had this to say: “You know, I just want to get my name out there in the music world and what better way than a song which just endlessly repeats my name over and over.”

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