What We Go To School For

Come on, we all fantasise over our lecturers. Here are some of the fittest UoB has to offer


Fit lecturers are few and far between. Oh wait, no they’re not. We’ve got loads of them in Brum.

Herewith, The Tab’s top teaching totty:

Gavin Byrne: Law

His charming Irish accent, tendency to make adorably geeky law jokes in lectures and twinkling blue eyes make him the most loved (and fancied) man in the Law department. His office is regularly frequented by students who “need help,” but The Tab suspects they simply want to spend some one-on-one time with him.

Jim Mussell: English

The quintessential ‘boy next-door’, Jim Mussell is an English lecturer who is obsessed over throughout the department. Girls lust over him. Boys are jealous of the swooning he inspires in girls who loiter around him. His enthusiasm for English is infectious. Rumour has it, dissertations have been chosen on account of the subject matter being his speciality. Everyone wants to Mussell their way into his lectures.

Dr Lucy Alford: Psychology

We don’t know much about this mystery blonde, but judging by her picture, we’re pretty sure she plays on every Psychology student’s mind.

Dr Iain Law: Philosophy

Ah Iain. What a ledge. The girls want to marry him; the boys want to go for a pint with him. His soothing Scottish accent and first-class wit is enough to melt your heart. Iain always has the best banter in lectures – so much so that non-philosophy students sometimes attend his lectures to witness the man in action. Our love for him is unlawful.

Dr Kamilya Suleymenova: Economics

The Economics Department’s blonde bombshell. Suleymenova is the academic’s answer to Maria Sharapova. Gorgeous looks with a brain to back it up. A stunning smile and seemingly endless locks of blonde hair mean Dr Suleymenova makes International Macroeconomics more engaging.

Dr Luke Alderwick: Biosciences

One of the youngest lecturers in UoB and director of the drug discovery facility. His love is our drug.

Dr Conrad James: Hispanic Studies

Not only is Conrad the first Jamaican ever to have been to Oxbridge (or so he told us) and the world expert in his field, but he’s also a massive joker. For many, it’s love at first sight. For some, it takes a little longer to understand his slightly intimidating sense of humour, but everybody caves eventually. He even has his own Facebook appreciation site.

Dr Kate Rumbold: English

The most fancied female lecturer in the English department, Kate Rumbold is admired by many. Specialising in Shakespeare, she is one beautiful bookworm.

 Dr Corrado Di Maria: Economics

Described by some as George Clooney’s Mediterranean brother, he is certainly an Italian stallion. He has a tendency to swagger around the lecture hall, all while students eyes remain glued to his chiselled good looks. He certainly makes 9am lectures more bearable.

Dr James Fisher: Physiology

This gorgeous man lectures on the heart and certainly makes our’s beat a little bit faster. Students flock to his lectures because of his beauty.

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