Give us some more Victorious Sponge!

The Tab’s Claire Lynch met up with the brilliant Victorious Sponge – YouTube comedy sensations from BCU

Tab: Hey Vic Sponge, What have you been up to recently; any interesting projects in the pipeline?

Vic Sponge: Chris: Well the Victorious Sponge space initiative is set to launch in the year 2016 providing we have enough willing test monkeys.
Andrew: In all seriousness, things have gotten super busy for us! We’ve got various projects on the go with a few different media producers, so hopefully you should see a lot more of us on the internet later in 2013.

What has been your favourite sketch to do so far?

Ollie: It has to be Completely insane for me, that cracks me up every time!

Andrew: That’s the thing; I think it varies for all of us. Mine is definitely our very first Christmas sketch we ever did.
Chris: Pineapple.

How is it working together? Care to spill the beans on each other’s annoying habits…

Andrew: Working and living together makes for an interesting combination.
Ollie: Yeah we pretty much completely hate each other now. I don’t see much of a future for this dynamic to be honest.
Andrew: I’m already looking for temp work at boots.
Chris: Pineapples.

You’re gaining somewhat of a celeb status – at least in the uni sphere. Just how are you coping with the fame? Are you divas yet?

Ollie: It’s almost too much to handle. We had to start barricading the door.
Andrew: Nah, it’s not too bad really. Fans of our stuff approach us occasionally and we always appreciate it big time. It’s great to get real life feedback once and a while.
Chris: Watermelon.
Ollie: What are you doing, Chris?
Chris: What do you mean?
Ollie: You keep… Never mind.

Have you any inspirations? Or who do you model yourselves on? (Personally or professionally)

Andrew: We have a whole bunch of comedy idols.
Ollie: Mitchell and Webb, The Lonely Island.
Andrew: We have a lot of Youtube inspirations too!
Chris: I think we each take a lot from different people, which gives us our broad style of comedy.

Have you plans to spread your wings or are you going to live the Brummie dream for a while longer?

Chris: Whilst living in Birmingham has been quite an experience indeed, I think the big plan is to get the hell out of this hole as soon as possible.
Andrew: I think what Chris is trying to say is that a lot of our work is coming from in and around London, so that could very well be the eventual home for team sponge.

What do y’all wanna be when you grow up?

Ollie: I think I can speak for all of us when I say dinosaur.
Chris: Pretty much.
Andrew: Yeah, nailed it.

Andrew, I’ve seen some slightly disturbing photos of you with a full face of make-up. Care to comment?

Andrew: I’d rather not comment on that. I’d also like to add that what I do in my private time is no concern of the media. This interview is over.
Nah, just kidding, I’m a cross dresser.

Chris, is it true you work out?

Chris: No actually, that’s a fallacy. I’m in fact mostly mechanical and so don’t require exercise like most mortals. Interestingly enough, this means that I technically can’t die, which is both exciting and terrifying.

If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?

Andrew: I would obviously go and pick up David Blaine to convince him he actually had super powers.
Chris: I think I would probably hide in the girl’s locker room. Obviously I’d wait for the girls to leave first, I’m not a pervert!

Ever been naked in public?

Andrew: Too many times to count.
Ollie: Yeah, it’s kind of just what we do now.

What makes you angry?

Andrew: When the shop assistant gives me incorrect change.
Chris: When Andrew gets angry about incorrect change.
Ollie: Michael Bublé.

Any thoughts on aliens?

Chris: It’s important not to think about the aliens.
Andrew: It’s how they get into your brain space.
Ollie: Luckily we removed most of our brains years ago.

When is it okay to lie?

Chris: When you’ve done something bad and you don’t want anyone to find out the truth.
Andrew: I would agree. Only if it’s for personal gain though.

Is Elvis really dead?

Ollie: He should be! It took 20 minutes of clubbing to get rid of that bastard.

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