Those Sons of Pitches did it again!

Reviews editor Ciara Cohen-Ennis went to see the Sons of Pitches sing their way into the finals of ‘The Voice Festival UK’

Brummie vocal group Sons of Pitches are through to the finals of The Voice Festival UK, after competing in the Midland regionals this weekend.

The competition was held in the Elgar Concert Hall on Saturday and featured six groups – four from Birmingham.

Uptone Girls

The Uptone Girls

First up were the gorgeous Uptone Girls, who managed to scoop up two prizes for best soloist (Charlye Simpson) and beatboxer (Lizzie Jones), who really delivered.

The Uptone Girls gave a polished performance, with some great mash-ups, including Rihanna’s Stay, Wide Awake by Katy Perry and Thinking of You by Frank Ocean. They also win The Tab’s best dressed award for their shining disco pants.

The Sons of Pitches’ Jack Bloom was second to receive an award for his beatboxing talents. It was clear from the beginning that SoP had a great following, with a lot of feet stomping and screaming from enthusiastic audience members.

Covering Wonderwall is a pretty brave move, but SoP pulled it off and gave an entertaining performance. Joe Belham, the soloist, put a Sinatra style spin on the classic track, and his cheeky, mid-song laugh left the audience beaming.

They gained a further two awards for best overall performance and best arrangements. And their signature boiler suits puts them in second place for our best dressed award.

Sons of Pitches can fix our boilers anytime.

Also from Brum were Voice Versa, who performed entertaining renditions of Telephone Bills and a few Justin Timberlake tracks. They were commended for their soloists and gave a very sharp performance.

A smartly dressed Voice Versa

The fourth group from Birmingham were the amusingly named Treblemakers, who gave an original performance of a video game medley – not something you see everyday. They also did an excellent cover of Titanium.

Looking for Treble?

The remaining two groups were the Songsmiths from Leeds and the Augmentals of the Birmingham Conservatoire. The Songsmiths were awarded for their musicianship and rock soloist, Lorcan Byrne.

Leeds’ Songsmiths

Andrew Wilson of the Augmentals received a special award for audience engagement in his hilarious cover of Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

Augmental Andrew on the right

After a 15-minute performance from each act, there was an antagonising wait before the winners were announced.

Although the standard of all performers was exceptionally high, Sons of Pitches stood out to everyone as the clear winner. Best of luck to them in the finals on 15th March in London – we’re sure they’ll go far.