The Tab tries CraftSoc

The Tab got in touch with its feminine side at CraftSoc today

I’m not very nimble fingered at all, and yet for some reason I thought trying Craft Society would be a good idea.

CraftSoc is a little known society with only a few members, so I went along to find out more about it.

CraftSoc Qties

The Committee were a bunch of lovely girls who were enthusiastic about the Society. Nevertheless, I knew I lacked the skills they had, so I began my Craft Society journey with little commitment.


I went along jokingly thinking ‘Yeh, aren’t I twee’. But I quickly got really into it, and that thought changed to ‘Oh my God, I really am twee!’. The whole thing was was actually thoroughly relaxing, and nursed my hangover no end.

Getting into it

Spot the difference, ’cause I sure can’t

I’m going to say that the frayed look was intentional. I didn’t go for that effortlessly pristine look that the others went for (see below). I went for the effortlessly effortless look (not true, I actually tried really hard, I’m just really bad at sewing).


1 hour in, I faced up to the facts: I’m not cut out for this (pun not intended, but I think I’ll leave it in). Step up Emily ‘the help’ Howells.

This isn’t me

This isn’t me either

Claiming all the glory, thank you very much

Affectionate mother of my creation

The brown cushion will fit right in with my already very brown living room. Love your style in décor, Mr Minhas. The Tab would like to thank Craftsoc for a very chilled and twee afternoon! Check out their Facebook group for more info. 

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