UOB Fencing teams finish season strongly

Apart from a tricky Dane, the fencing teams can reflect on a good season


Tired of standing outside in the cold watching sports, I’ve started heading inside to gets my sports fix. First up I went to have a chat with, and watch, the fencing team training.

First the men. Following up an unlucky promotion bid last season, losing the promotion match up against the bottom team of the division above, Durham, in a suspicious lack of fixture flexibility; the men were on the hunt for promotion again. They came out all guns blazing, or should that be swords swinging, and beat everybody they played. In a scene resembling 300, they beat four unis in one day (Cambridge, Oxford, UEA and Nottingham) with only four guys. Well played.

The women fight their way to survival

However, disaster lay ahead in the form of a young Dane, inspiringly called Patrick. He had represented his country and was basically really really good. And sadly he had taught his Leicester team mates how to win the boring way- defensively. And so Patrick and his Leicester team beat UOB in the league and then- really annoyingly- UOB drew with Leicester in the cup.  However with the pesky Dane now gone, hopes are high for next season and promotion is again the aim.

Swords at the ready

The women are in the top division and due to a slight lack of numbers, many graduated last year, their main aim was survival in the 5 team league. And survive they did, fighting their way out of danger and finishing 4th. They did what every team in a relegation scrap must and beat their rivals Manchester 1st’s home and away, winning the away match by just 1 point. Hopefully next season they can start to look up at the top rather than taking a rear guard action.

Indoor Sports Ratings:

Warmth: Matches take place in the Munrow meaning in general it’s good. 7/10

Excitement: They’re using SWORDS! The excitement is in the form of a flurry of sword lunges and counter lunges followed by some much calmer edging backwards and forwards. 6/10

Tekkers: I’m pretty sure it’s hard to do… it certainly looks hard. 8/10

Ratio of boys to girls: Very even, I’ve decided this is a good thing. 10/10

If you want to try fencing the best way is through the UOB Fencing Facebook page