Meet Miss Undergraduate 2013

We met with Birmingham’s Miss Undergraduate, second year Maths student Charlotte Peach


The Tab chatted with this year’s Miss Undergraduate, UoB’s Charlotte Peach.

Charlotte….looking peachy

Tab: Hi Charlotte, first off congrats on the win! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, what course do you study?

Charlotte: I’m in my second year studying Maths. It was the subject I most liked at school so I just carried on with it!

What are your career plans for the future?

Nothing to do with Maths! I’m not really sure yet, potentially something in PR or anything working and interacting with the public. Being part of Miss Undergraduate made me realise that I really enjoy public speaking, I had to get up on stage and speak to a large crowd which some people might hate, but I really enjoyed it.

Miss Undergraduate finalists

What made you want to enter the competition?

I didn’t really know about it before, I think they have scouts on Facebook. A girl involved with the competition last year messaged me asking if I wanted to do it and explained that it’s all for charity and you can win a holiday, and I thought why not!

What was the best part of the competition….apart from winning?

Probably being VIP on the night, we got all our drinks for free, everyone wants to talk to you and you’re wearing a nice dress. Also people were coming up to me asking if they could have a photo which was nice.



Charlotte with her winning sash!

And the worst?

I thought it was going to be bitchy, but there was nothing like that at all. The questions were sometimes rubbish though, especially mine. In the final I got asked “If you could lie forever and never get caught, or always be able to tell when someone else is lying which would you choose and why”, I chose the latter. Other people got cool questions like, “If you could have a celebrity friend who would it be?”

Who would you have chosen?

Probably Enrique Iglesias!

Charlotte’s award-winning pout

What to do you think about the criticism of the competition from groups such as the UoB Women’s Association?

I think it’s been taken way too seriously- it’s for charity at the end of the day! We didn’t have to do catwalk or swim wear, and it wasn’t restricted to girls of a certain size. We weren’t forced to enter either, most of us volunteered ourselves. If you’re having a good time and raising money for charity in the process, then I don’t see the problem.

Would you encourage others to take part, and if so what advice would you give them?

Personally yes because I’ve won a holiday and a year’s gym membership for free. Also it’s something you can put on your CV, and I learnt skills like public speaking which are important. The best advice I could give would be to not take it too seriously-there were some girls talking about world peace, but I would just have fun and enjoy it!

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