Some people will do anything for a job

Brum student thought blackmailing Tamara Ecclestone would be good work experience.

A student accused of conspiring to blackmail Tamara Ecclestone for £200,000 has told a court he thought it would be good work experience for his media studies degree.

Ecclestone’s former lover, Derek Rose, had introduced Birmingham student Jakir Uddin to celebrities and given him advice about working in the media industry.

Tamara was victimized for being a rich socialite

Uddin explained how he filmed Rose talking about his relationship with the daughter of Formula One boss, Bernie Ecclestone, for a University project.

But Uddin said that, when it was rejected by his tutor, Rose suggested that they offered it to tabloid newspapers.

Asked by his defence lawyer Ali Bajwa QC how he became involved, the student said: “Mr Rose sold me the idea that it would give me experience.

“That it would give me an opportunity to speak with someone who was in a high position in the industry that I wanted to go into.”

Uddin denied he meant any harm. He told the court: “If Tamara was unhappy with anything, I wouldn’t have wanted anything to do with it.”

The case continues, both deny blackmail.