Uni to open Stephen Lawrence research centre

Mother of murdered teenager backs Centre for Research into Race and Education

The mother of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence is teaming up with Birmingham to fight race inequality.

Doreen Lawrence, whose son was killed in a brutal racist attack 20 years ago, will help launch the Centre for Research into Race and Education at the University of Birmingham.

Stephen Lawrence was murdered while waiting for a bus in 1993

The Centre will work to close the gaps in educational achievement and boost the employment prospects of black and minority ethnic students.

Since the murder of her son in a racial attack gang attack in 1993, Doreen Laurence and her family have fought tirelessly for race and criminal justice, for over two decades.

Mrs Lawrence praised the University of Birmingham, adding: “By opening this Centre the university has taken a bold a necessary action in a climate where race is no longer on the political agenda.”

Professor David Gillborn, director of the new centre, said “There is widespread assumption that racism is no longer an issue in education, but there remain significant ethnic inequalities.

“The Centre aims to work with a wide range of people-from parents and pressure groups, to policy makers and teachers – with the aim of better understanding and combating racism in education.”