Stunning Mirage or just Nicki Minaj?

The Tab’s fashion editor reviews some recent fashion fads and fails.

These days fashion isn’t what it used to be. The ‘purity’ popular back with the Bronte sisters has been replaced with fakery worthy of “Snog, Marry, Avoid?”

While some advances in cosmetics really do seem to enhance our natural looks, more frequently things are being introduced into our daily routines that is intended to look exactly as it is…fake.


Fake eyelashes

The longer the better, right? Wrong! Fake eyelashes are very rarely worn well. Often you will meet a girl in a club who, with half a bottle of vodka down her, has forgotten not to itch her eyes, and is left with half her eyelashes hanging off.

maybe she’s born with it- hope not, for her sake

Dip-Dye Ombre

All the celebs are doing it, and who doesn’t want to follow in the footsteps of Uber-cool Alexa Chung and Jessie-J?

But there is a very thin line between being fashion-forward and looking like you’ve forgotten to do your roots! Besides, when everyone is trying this very ‘different’ hair-do, you’re probably going look more unique and ‘individual’ if you are the in the minority who give it a miss.

probably should’ve taken my own advice


Eyebrows make more a difference to your face than you could possibly imagine. So what should you do? Prune them into shape with a painful tweeze or wax? Not so! Apparently, these days eyebrows fall into the category of ‘the bigger, the better’. So get out your crayons out, or better still…a paint roller? 

Pass the crayons when you’re finished

Nail art:

For some of us, managing to get one coat of nail varnish on without smudging or painting our entire hand is difficult enough. However, it is no longer enough. Now our nails have become teeny tiny canvases for expressing ourselves upon. Do we all look really arty and cool, or is it just a waste of time? Lucky for us, if you miss your friends’ latest art work in real life you can catch it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pin interest. Phew!

Express your true self through your nails!


Pornographic prints

I have no idea why a boy would want to wear a top with a photo of a naked girl on the front. Wearing this doesn’t make you some kind of Sex God or deem you successful with the ladies. If people wanted to see a picture of a naked girl, there are far better ways of going about it.

Hoody strings:

warmer now?

 Inexplicable fad: neither fashionable, nor functional. If you are cold and wanna do your hoody up…do your hoody up? Nothing more to say really…stop it.

Chino wanker

Chinos: for the classier chav?

Urban dictionary defines it as:  A vile human being who originally was a huge chav maybe a week ago, but then suddenly purchases a pair of chinos. Enough said…