Enigma gets Saucy in Swansea

Carnival Rag put on another messy Enigma, this time a special one for Sports night. Teams were whisked away on what was a rather saucy coach journey

Carnival Rag are famous for organising outrageous events at the University of Birmingham, all in the name of charity. Last night brought Enigma with a twist: Sports Night.

Things reportedly got a bit steamy on the journey up, as participating sports teams were whisked away to their mystery location…Swansea! 

At 6pm everyone was eager to get on the coach. A girl had been spotted clutching two overnight bags, clearly prepared for whatever lay ahead of her.

Well prepared for the night ahead

As the journey began, so did the drinking games.

Pass the orange?

Games to pass the time on the road included the Orange game, if you’ve never played it before this involves passing an orange from person to person. The slowest side of the coach has to down their drinks!

Things then progressed and a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ was pursued.

These seemed to lead into several couples getting together on the coach to pass the time.

When life gives you a coach journey, make out!

who wants to sit up normally anyway…

Rag put on a pretty good night for all involved! Perhaps not for the guy who had to stay on the bus all night because the club refused him entry…so our sources told us!