Chlamydia Road v Timbuktu- Where Will You Choose?

Once you’ve finally decided WHO you’re living with next year, the next question is where?! We took a look at some of Selly’s finest

For all you cat lovers, George Rd might be the one for you


It’s not the ideal student living experience, however it does allow one to interact with the locals of Selly Oak. Take a deep breath as you turn the corner onto George…phew! Relief occurs when there’s only a mere 10 canines in your path. Of course, it does feel a little like the RSPCA with all the stray cats and dogs wandering around, but this is the least of your worries when there is a casual fire at the end of your road, causing a power-cut for the whole of Selly Oak. Though we are probably the only students on the road, and aside from feeling as if you are living in a rubbish dump/weed farm, it’s not all that bad! George Road is the epitome of Selly Oak. RATING: 3.5/10




Oaktree: If you squint hard enough, you can just about make out the Med school

Other than being out in the middle of nowhere, (a good 30 minute walk onto campus) you like so many others living on Oak Tree, have woken up still in a dream thinking that you live above Roosters. Oak Tree Lane is one of the best “alright-ish” places to live. With Raddlebarn adjacent, you’re never far from all of the typical ‘Selly Oak’ roads, where all your friends will be living with extremely large, smug faces. But if it’s a large, half decent, 6-8 bedroom house, with a view of Old Joe from a third floor window,  (with a set of binoculars on a clear day) the next best thing to Drinks2Go – Dave Wines – and not forgetting the infamous Big Johns take-away en route to campus, ALL for a pretty reasonable price, then Oak Tree Lane can be your centre of the Selly Oak student area.  RATING4/10




If you’ve ever been to the actual Luton, the road name speaks for itself. RATING: 5/10



Just your standard scene on Dawlish

Dawlish is a wondrous place in which you and your housemates will thrive! Who doesn’t love waking up to the sight of discarded nappies and kebab take away on your doorstep? Today someone left some bacon rashers outside our door, which was a nice treat. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, an aggressive child let loose from the local school might attempt to run you over on his bike – speaking from experience here. We also boast the highest concentration of Chlamydia in the country. (Somebody please tell me where this ‘fact’ came from!) Despite this, given you’re in the heart of Selly, Dawlish isn’t all that bad…promise.

RATING: 6/10


Now this road has a bit of a rep for having a bad crime rate, but on the whole it’s not actually that bad. You do feel fairly safe! And you’re right where all the action is. However, this means that you might get a few randomers dropping in on your predrinks en-route to Fab if you’re towards the Tesco garage end, which is always a laugh!  RATING: 6/10


Bristol road may have the drinks to go man, but we on Exeter have our very own infamous local celeb, the bargain booze man. He may not have songs and free lollipops but he does sell bargain booze shot glasses and has the occasional free keyring and essential tat for any student. Not only do we have a celeb in our midst, but if you’re hankering for a free breaky after a night out, the church occasionally hands out free food to us peasant folk. Our prime location at the heart of Selly gives us the prime viewing point to catch all the antics, walks of shame and sheer tomfoolery of the average student day. RATING: 7/10


The best and worst thing about living on Tiverton Road is the location. It’s not far from anything, so you really can get away with being ridiculously lazy. While a Tesco at the end

Chicken Korma or just vom? We can’t work it out either

of the road is, in theory, a good thing, late night trips for over-priced snacks do become more and more frequent as the year progresses. The Indian restaurant at the bottom of the road adds an element of danger to your walk into Uni, as in addition to the vom and all your usual treats you find in early morning Selly, you are given the challenge of avoiding the chicken korma splattered across the pavement from the bins, which, without fail, are always overflowing. Living close to primary schools means that you do feel that little bit guiltier doing the walk of shame at inappropriate hours. RATING: 8/10

Compiled by Rosie Burns, Olivia Klineberg, John Gammage, Rhian Lubin, Jenny Robinson, Amy Collis and Louisa Garcia