Spotted video goes viral

Two star-crossed lovers are caught on camera as they prepare to consummate their loving relationship.


It’s the video everybody’s talking about. . .

A nine second vid, posted to the University of Birmingham: Spotted Facebook page, features two students getting fresh in the toilets at Fab.

The footage, filmed over the top from the next cubicle, captures a fumbling male student attempting to put on a condom while sitting on the throne. The female, we think, is seen bending over in the corner of the shot.

6,000 likes… not bad

The video suggests the couple were about to do the deed.

The post went viral at unis across the country, receiving 670 likes in just four hours.

The Tab is currently taking legal advice on whether or not we can show you the video. If you haven’t already seen it, vote on our Facebook page to tell us whether or not The Tab should post it.

The anonymous owner of the Spotted page told The Tab: “Personally I don’t think I’ll get in trouble but obviously I understand it’s against Facebook’s user agreement policy so I do plan on taking it down once I’m satisfied with the reach.

“I did question it…but everyone on the page is 18+, at University, and most probably seen and possibly done much worse.

“I have received zero complaints about it but I’d like to point out the first complaint I have received with regards to a photo of a couple kissing I did take down as soon as I was able to… I had no obligation to as it was taken in a public place.”

As for the future of the page, at the moment it is still up for students to enjoy/fear.