What to expect from Christmas in Belfast

It’s November: Time to talk Christmas

History Repeating Itself: Christmas crime spate strikes student area

Students warned to be extra vigilant over the holidays as crime erupts in the Holylands.

Going back to England for Christmas: A definitive guide

It’s nearly time to go back home, let the games commence

Holylands horror: My new phone was delivered next door and now squatters have it forever

It wasn’t even an iPhone

The Christmas market is awful and you know it

More like the Shit-mas market right? RIGHT?

National Christmas jumper day: it’s snow joke

13th December is National Christmas Jumper day. Yeah, it has an official national day of celebration now…

Back and better than ever, the Christmas market

So practically every city has a Christmas market, but that doesn’t make Belfast’s any less special or treasured.

DJ at centre of Christmas no 1 campaign to play at Student Union tonight

Act at heart of house music Christmas no. 1 campaign to play SU tonight