We spoke to the Belfast guy behind *that* Depop exchange

All over a bloody Rugby top.

Jonny Moran is like any other young person, digging out the old garms from the back of his wardrobe to make a bit of extra coin.

However, the recent Queen’s University Belfast Law graduate recently got his Depop into a deal of attention across Twitter, following a sectarian exchange with a potential customer.

The item in question seems relatively inconspicuous; a new unworn Leinster rugby shirt. The potential customer DM’d Jonny, asking if the item could be delivered to London.

Jonny got more than he bargained for when he posted the ad.

Replying he said that this was okay, as the shirt would be coming from Belfast to which the customer replied with “Sound mate. F**k the Pope”.

The communication between the two, has been liked by over 13k people on Twitter now, leaving a starstruck Jonny aghast at how much attention his post is getting.

Speaking to The Belfast Tab, he said that when he got the message, his first thought was “wtf?”. He said, “I was shocked, but my thinking is also that maybe this guy is just high on life. It is so silly, it actually gave me a good laugh which is good in this midst of these crazy times”.

If Rangers win against Celtic this Saturday, Jonny has agreed to send the shirt for free.

However, the attention from *that* tweet, has thrusted Jonny into more transactions than his Leinster top could have ever imagined.

Jonny who is a Glasgow Celtic Football Club supporter, has found himself at the tail end of stick from Rangers Football Club supporters.

The two teams are scheduled to play an infamous derby match this Saturday, and one Twitter user has said to Jonny that if Rangers win he should dispatch the shirt to the Depop user for free. Jonny has agreed.

Jonny has described that he is slightly overwhelmed with all the attention he has got and said that it shows the power which social media has.

When asked if Jonny was affronted at the sectarian exchange and how he took it so calmly, he said, “You have to. I mean it is funny but this was the best way for me to turn something negative into a positive, so if he gets the shirt, then so be it”.