The Tab Belfast are looking for new writers

Want to be a part of something big?

The Tab Belfast are recruiting new student writers for the 2020/2021 academic year. Have you got an interest in telling stories or keeping in the loop with all things campus? If so, then this might be the opportunity you’re looking for to get some great journalistic experience to flex on your LinkedIn.

Whether there has been some drama in the McClay, or if some controversial decisions have been made by senior management, or even something absolutely cracker has happened in Limelight, we aim to be the first student news site to get word out there.

What is so good about this? Well, we’re quick on the ball, and we expect you to be too and can help you with this if you need it. With this, as we are independent of both universities, we are not censored or affiliated in anyway. This is good because it means the universities cannot ban us from writing on certain topics, and we don’t need their approval for writing about any big campus scoops.

This opportunity is open to everyone and anybody who is interested in journalism and student news writing. You can be studying any course from any faculty and do not need to be taking any classes in English, Journalism or Politics. Writers can also be attending either Queen’s University Belfast or Ulster University. However, most of our social events in the future will most likely be in and around Queen’s.

We are looking for writers who are keen to be the eyes and ears for all things on campus, and we believe that with writers like this eager to get stories out, it is the reason why we are the best student journalism team on campus.

Want to be part of a super chilled team of QUB and UU student writers? Join us now!

Whilst we love our fun and goofy content, we also mean business. If you maybe have some writing experience and would like to expand on your portfolio by writing with FOI requests or interviewing local Councillors, MLAs or MPs, these are things we are super keen to be doing more of in the future. But also tell us your Boojum order and we’ll tell you where you should live in the lands.

You may remember us from covering stories such as the Ulster Student who built a Minecraft Limelight during lockdown, through to our investigation into the 3,600 complaints made against Holylands students over a four years. But with these stories, comes our banging Instagram. Think of memes and dreamy campus snaps and the odd TikTok chucked in there for the lols.

We have a number of editorial positions here at The Tab Belfast and are particularly looking for somebody to manage our social media pages. If this sounds like something you would be chill with, make sure to tell us in your first meeting and we can get the works in motion.

So, in 2020 the year of Covid 19, we are all familiar with everything being virtual and digital. If you join our team, that is how we will be operating for the first wee while anyway. Usually, we have weekly meetings and talk about all things Tab over a few pints. This year, we’ll be using Zoom or MS Teams to meet and have a natter about the news.

However, when things are on the mend our socials will be back and they will not disappoint. This can be a great way for you to meet like minded student writers. You’ll also get a free shirt, pens and stickers to keep up the flex around campus.

So what is not to love? If you’re interested, drop us a message on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages or send an email to [email protected]