Six Instagrammable Coffee Spots Near QUB

Spoiler Alert: This article contains lots of Latte art and Avocado Toast.

We always say we’re going to reel it in. As students, should we really be spending as much on Coffee as what we do? Probably not.

Alas, as a Barista and unfortunate student spending a solid 80 per cent of my student loan on brunch, I have created a definitive list of the most Instagrammable coffee shops and eateries in Belfast.

So that your friends, and more importantly, your Instagram loyals who you most likely met in Limelight during freshers, will be commenting, “OMG where is this?!”


1. Established Coffee

This minimalistic, industrial style eatery in Belfast’s infamous Cathedral Quarter is definitely worth a boomerang for your insta story.

With locally sourced food, expertly crafted Coffee and a chilled atmosphere, this is the place to be. Established Coffee is a popular spot for those in and around the city and for this reason they recently opened up a take away kiosk where you can grab a flat white or a Guilt Trip donut to go!

Don’t miss out on their ‘Pie and Drip’ event every Sunday from 1pm where you can enjoy a delicious piece of Pie and a paired drip Coffee. The staple piece of in your face to all the Coffee snobs and QUB rahs on your feed.

2. Curated Kitchen and Coffee


Curated Kitchen is another culinary gem that can be found in Cathedral Quarter. With their indie Baristas and foodie-centric menu, you can be sure to find dishes that you’ll HAVE to take a photo of before tucking in.

Their menu is curated from recipes in the cookbooks that you can find around the café and it changes weekly. They also have plenty of vegan/vegetarian food so this place should definitely be on the cards for your next outing with your plant-based friends.

3. General Merchants

This place sells, hands down, the best smashed Avocado I’ve ever had in my life. I’m not sure exactly how one smashes an Avocado, but regardless, this place will fulfil all of your Instagram aesthetic needs.

Even with two locations, Newtownards Road and Ormeau Road, you’ll find it hard to get a seat as these cafés, with their hanging baskets and Australian influence proving very popular to the brunch connoisseurs of South and East Belfast respectively.

I’d recommend going on a weekday if you’re looking for a quieter brunch, plus this place is a great excuse to skip your 9am lecture. Maybe bring your Mac for added aesthetic value but to also convince yourself that you’re going to catch up on things.

4. Freight

This place was made to be plastered all over your Instagram.

It’s minimalistic black and white interior, accentuated with lots of greenery, makes it stand out from your average café. Not only is it’s aesthetic on point, but it has all the markers of an insta-worthy café: Sourdough Bread, Avocado, and of course, amazing Coffee!

With their partly Asian inspired menu and themed pop-up nights, Freight has everything a coffee lover could ever desire and you can even have a pint too! Score.

5. Kaffe-O:

This Nordic style spot with a strong music influence will definitely give your Instagram that “hygge” vibe it needs.

With locations in Ormeau, Botanic and Donegall Square, this place is perfect to chill with a book after a hard day at uni.

Their coffee is first class and the cafés themselves are decorated with a cool Copenhagen inspired decor and lots of vinyls to match. They even have a shop if you want to stay warm with one of their beanies or save the planet with one of their reusable coffee cups, all whilst showing the world you’re a true BT9 Coffee connoisseur.

6. The Pocket

As a student at Queen’s, it’s important to have a good flat white within a one-mile radius at all times, and this is why The Pocket has to be the last entry on this list. It’s University Road café is directly opposite QUB and has a really cosy and quirky feel.

Their menu boasts lots of amazing brunch options and is a favourite of mine for a quick lunch break at uni. They have recently opened a store in the city centre which is larger than its counterpart but still retains its homely atmosphere.

I can guarantee that both places will leave you sufficiently caffeinated and with a Insta story that’s worthy of being added to your highlights.

There is no doubt that the Coffee culture of Belfast is taking off. Why bother for a chain when you can enjoy some of the best in and around campus, whilst supporting an independent too.

Cover Image: @thepocketcoffee