The Best of QUBLove and UULove during this Quarantine Period.

This is the only thing keeping us going at this rate

QUB Love and UU Love are two pages synonymous with student culture in Belfast. The two pages have been the source of much entertainment for the students of Belfast for a while where users can submit anonymous posts to appear in a feed of “confessions”. Containing all manner of confessions from campus gossip to unrequited love, it’s honestly the closest thing to semi-decent craic during lockdown.

Describing their motives, we reached out to the admins of both pages to see what they had to say; The QUBLove admin described how the former platform (big rip), “brought a common subject for all students to talk about, no matter the course they studied”.

The classic Poly v Posh rivalry is very much rooted within both pages, with the UULove Admin describing that,”anything QUB can do, UU can do better”.

So what all can you expect to find on their pages? Devout followers like myself may recall it being memes and anonymous crush confessions. Cute.

However, it appears as though the pages are now used for so much more than that. Whether you are needing a good rant, advice on your degree programme or advice on your accommodation, whether you are needing to confess your broken heart or your undying love, or you just want to remind everyone of the never ending competition between QUB and UU then these pages are there for you!

So, with that being said, join me on having a look through some of the best “lockdown posts” this week during isolation.

Number One:

Let’s start off with the sensible posts, I’m not jumping to the memes just yet. 





Both pages are full of very anxious students right now which is undoubtedly due to coronavirus. These pages are a great place to reach out and ask the questions that are playing on your mind during this lockdown. This is a very stressful time for students, not knowing how their grade is going to turn out, facing the prospect of assigned grades and even facing changes to existing assignments. However, keep reaching out and keep the conversation going, we are all in this together and hopefully these pages will help you find somebody else going through something similar.

Number Two:

Now some may be (lucky?) enough to be spending quarantine with their other half, or other half to be? Tinder Passport, you absolute legend.






It seems to be apparent that COD, Fifa or whatever fad between Xbox and PS users is taking precedence over your other half. Would it hurt you to put the controller down for an hour?  Maybe consider different ways to keep the fire lit. A FaceTime date or the odd phone call wouldn’t go amiss but it’s all about finding the right balance as well.

If you are single, well I guess now really is the time to message someone! Why not? It really is now or never, seize the day… or, whatever! Waste somebody’s time for the foreseeable future, there really has never been a better time for it! You never know, it might end up working out for the best (probs won’t tho).

Number Three:

The classic rivalry of Poly v Posh. Get your popcorn folks you’re in for a show.

Nice to see QUB is keeping in line with the “we are all in this together” spirit…





I have to say, some of these definitely made me laugh, not to say that Queens necessarily has a superiority complex? … Do they? Should they?

(Freedom to discuss in the comments)

I heard through the grapevine that QUBLove once lost their own poll for deciding which page was better? UULove are clearly still finding the prospect of this funny…

UULove are quick to throw in some shady opinions too. Is it settled then that both QUB and UU students suffer with the same complex as mentioned above. One might say it is deep-rooted within both cultures at this rate.

Number Four:

Finally, lets take a look at those of us who are taking this time in isolation to reflect on a few different matters.





Confession pages are relatable content dot com. Whether it is QUBLove’s post and you are pondering the idea of a love lost due to these dark and isolated times or perhaps you are resonating more with UULove’s post and have already watched High School Musical on loop thanks to Disney+ (you love it).

And with this, maybe the QUBLove Admins were right, bringing us together to chat regardless of our courses or uni. Maybe their raison d’être has been fulfilled.

At the end of the day it’s fair to say that both QUBLove and UULove are great platforms to voice your feelings anonymously and to get opinions from other people without fear of judgement. So keep posting your thoughts, feelings and concerns, we are all here for each other. Keep the conversations open and the memes flowing, you might just make someone smile and you never know, your post might just make a feature next time.