Harland and Wolff claxons will sound tonight for the first time in 20 years

The move is in line with the weekly clap for key workers during the coronavirus pandemic

The shipyard horns of the infamous Harland and Wolff cranes will sound tonight, to pay homage to the essential key workers across a variety of sectors keeping us together during the global coronavirus pandemic.

The Belfast Tab understands that the cranes, which are two synonymous characters of the Belfast skyline and can be seen from afar, have not sounded in twenty years.

Across the country, claps of appreciation and solidarity have taken place to celebrate the work of frontline staff working to fight the virus, which has now claimed the lives of 73 people, here in Northern Ireland.

QUB Nursing and Medicine students have been deployed early in a bid to tackle COVID-19

The claps have seen communities across Northern Ireland come together to show their gratitude whilst practicing social distancing through rounds of applause, cheers, rainbow drawings in their windows and clashing saucepans.

Joining with the cheers tonight, the Northern Ireland Parliament buildings at Stormont Estate will be illuminated blue, to demonstrate solidarity and gratitude for key workers, from Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs).

The infamous Harland and Wolff cranes have not sounded in over 20 years

Chloe Burns, a third year QUB Adult Nursing student who has recently been deployed to Craigavon Area Hospital told The Belfast Tab, ‘I am truly overwhelmed by the kindness and support shown by our entire community and the alliance which has taken place in everybody coming together to overcome this pandemic’.

Building on this, Burns added, ‘I am furthermore grateful to the community for following government officials and their advice which is to stay at home and to continue washing your hands regularly and thoroughly’.

Stemming back to the support from the community through the clap for carers campaign, the QUB student described how she was ‘gobsmacked’ by how much support and kindness people had been showing each week. ‘Please join us to clap for all frontline staff, as I know first hand these generous actions are what keep frontline staff ticking over’.

The UK is presently approaching the end of its second week of a three week lockdown, which has seen most of the country closed, including both QUB and UU.

The clap for carers will take place tonight at 8pm.

Images: / Getty Images / QUB School of Nursing and Midwifery / Facebook