Belfast pub delivering pints during coronavirus pandemic

Pints to your door AND live music streaming every weekend? Yes please

When the Hatfield House posted on their Facebook page yesterday that they would be delivering freshly poured pints of Guinness straight to your door, the students of Belfast were ecstatic. The Hatfield House is a staple pub for any student in Belfast and with the current coronavirus situation, many students are crying out for a pint. Many of the city’s pubs, including The Hatfield, closed their doors over the popular St Patrick’s Day period this year as a way to protect their loyal customers during the pandemic. What could make you crave a pint more than following government guidelines and social distancing? Nothing. So when The Hatfield announced they would be delivering straight to your door, many students took to Facebook to commend this brilliant idea.

The Hatfield House posted this image on their Facebook page earlier today

One student commented, “Unreal! Pints on your doorstep!” Several other students couldn’t believe their luck commenting, “I really hope this is true!” Have no fear, it is indeed true and the pints themselves are delivered via no contact delivery, so that you can have a pint whilst staying safe! Many other businesses are endeavouring to deliver their services straight to your home, but The Hatfield is the first pub in Belfast to be delivering pints, something every student needs during this difficult time.

We reached out for a comment from the Hatfield about this brilliant idea and they responded, “Pubs are such a huge part of our culture and social network here, with their closure we have endeavoured as a business to bring the pub to our customers. We hope to encourage our wonderful customers to stay safe and stay home through live streaming music every Friday and Saturday night and delivering pub grub and off sales. Delivering freshly poured Guinness seemed like a natural extension of what we were already doing.”

Belfast is known for its bars and during these hard times when we are unable to head down to the pub with our mates to unwind, this really is the next best thing. The Hatfield has always been incredibly loyal to its customers and this unique idea shows that they really are willing to go the extra mile to put a smile on students faces during lockdown. The pints themselves are poured fresh inside the van so you really can get the authentic pub experience. If you’re bored at home and live in Belfast, whether it be with your family or your housemates, get on the phone to The Hatfield house, get some fresh Guinness and pub grub delivered straight to your door and try to imagine you’re really there.