QUB students warned to self-isolate following coronavirus outbreak on campus

The first positive test was announced yesterday

In a statement released yesterday (Wednesday 4th March), Queen’s University Belfast announced that they were working with the Public Health Agency, following the detection of a student who tested positive for coronavirus.

Today however, Professor Stuart Elborn, pro-vice chancellor of QUB has said that everybody who has been in contact with the individual who tested positive, have been contacted.

Attempting to prevent the further spread of the virus, also known as Covid-19, Elborn noted how the group of ‘high risk’ students will participate in a period of self isolation.

However, building on the statement released from QUB yesterday, Prof. Elborn said that, ‘at this moment there is no need to close anything or halt any particular activities’.

The statement which was yesterday released by Queen’s University Belfast outlining the Covid-19 strategy.

If the virus spreads however, Elborn did not rule this out as potential mechanism to prevent further diagnosis across campus, adding that, ‘we [QUB] will make decisions in the university in lune with what we need to do to protect society in Northern Ireland’.

Speaking on BBC One’s Nolan LIVE, QUB students described their thoughts on the recent outbreak.

One student said, ‘Well, I think people are making a massive deal about this coronavirus thing, making it out to be a pandemic’.

Another student described how he was ‘worried for the future’, but that with this, the recent diagnosis of a student on campus was not going to stop him from attending classes.

A third student praised the university for the actions which have been taken already to prevent the further spread of the virus. They added how ‘There are plenty of signs around and they [QUB] have installed hand sanitisers for keeping safe and clean. It is widespread, but I think it is slightly overblown’.

Further information on the student is now known and that they had recently returned from a trip to Northern Italy.

The self isolation protocol comes as the student prior to diagnosis, had integrated back into campus life.

QUB have reaffirmed that any students concerned for their welfare should contact the NHS’ non-emergency 111 line, or to get in touch with [email protected]