Gay couple left brutally scarred following an attack in Derry-Londonderry

The PSNI are appealing for witnesses

A Foyle woman has been attacked by a group of young people in the Derry-Londonderry area, which has led to her being permanently scarred.

Saoirse Smith and her partner Hollie Semple were attacked after they complained to the group about their driving, when the confrontation then turned into an assault.

The incident came after the youths nearly crashed into the couple on two consecutive occasions. A bottle was then allegedly thrown at Saoirse’s mouth.

The incident left Saoirse with, “serious damage” to both her mouth and chin, leaving her without her two front teeth.

Saoirse following the incident which left her scarred and without two front teeth

In a public Facebook post, Hollie Semple said: “Myself and Saoirse were attacked by a group of four or five fellas and a girl after confronting them for almost crashing into us twice and then driving like absolute maniacs in a built up area full of children.

“After confronting these scumbags I was attacked and then suddenly they were on to me, punching, kicking, pulling my hair, spitting.”

Hollie digressed, commenting on how Saoirse’s injuries were inflicted when she tried to defend Hollie and break up the conflict.

Engaged Foyle couple Saoirse and Hollie were attacked

“They smashed the passenger window with their foot and threw a litre bottle of alcohol directly at Saoirse’s face.”

In a statement, the PSNI said that “three people had been arrested in connection with the incident which happened in the city last Saturday (22nd February). Those arrested are understood to be two males aged 17 and 19 and a 20-year-old female.”

It is unknown whether there was a homophobic motive behind the attack. The PSNI are urging members of the public to come forward who may have any information to aid with their investigation into the incident.