There’s a Catholic Protestant quiz in Ulster museum by the Derry Girls blackboard

I’m living for this

Have you ever been to Bundoran? Do you keep your toaster in the cupboard? Do you love ABBA?

These are just some of the wonderful questions featured in the ‘How Catholic/Protestant are you?’ Quiz, on show in the Ulster Museum, Belfast. The quiz is part of a Culture Lab exhibition aiming to combat stereotypes regarding religion in Northern Ireland. Part of the exhibition is a blackboard from a Derry Girls episode in which a Catholic school and a Protestant school went on a residential trip and aimed to explain the very factual and hilarious differences between the two communities.

Niall Kerr, project manager tweeted: “So excited to share this thought provoking, playful exhibition with the public. It’s a space to challenge, test and play with stereotypes in NI and explore our culture and identity.”

So, with this in mind, off I headed down to the Ulster Museum to take the quiz myself, not knowing what to expect other than the fact I love ABBA and I don’t keep my toaster in the cupboard. I forced my friends to come with me, and we have to admit, the results were fairly accurate.

The best part of the exhibition was the ‘similarities’ board. The people of Belfast really had jumped on the opportunity to express what they think the similarities between Catholic’s and Protestant’s are. (We added that everyone’s granny loves Daniel O’Donnell and Frank Mitchell). But I think it’s very clear the biggest similarity is that we all love cheese.

The whole exhibition overall was a very refreshing reminder of how much of a hit Derry Girls is, and the fact nobody knows what a gilet is either.