Knife wielding car thieves stopped by Botanic locals hitting them with brooms

The men were armed with a knife and crowbar

Two hooded figures attempted to steal a yellow car in the Botanic area yesterday afternoon. The video can be viewed on The Belfast Tab instagram.

A shocked bystander caught the ordeal on their phone, anxiously shouting "someone phone the police, yeah?" and documenting that one of the hooded figures had "a knife."

In an attempt to steal the car, one man appears to be in the driving seat while one fends off a group of five, seemingly including the car owner, who come out to stop them.

One of the men can be seen attacking the bystanders with his crowbar and another with the cane of a brush. The group continue to advance towards the car, shouting at the man in the driving seat "Get out! Get out!"

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In an attempt to remove the driver, the group try to drag him out of the passenger side, using what seems to be the handle of an umbrella or walking stick to deter him.

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One of the men darts towards a member of the group with a knife around the drivers side of the car, who then falls to the ground while another jumps in to defend him.

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The driver then attempts to drive away but is finally forced out of the car by the group using the broom.

More bystanders can be seen gathered at the other side of the road, alerted by the incessant car alarm, screaming and revving of the car.

The two men then break-free and run away from Botanic Avenue and towards Wolseley Street.

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