It’s time to VOTE for your QUB BNOC 2019

I have nothing but respect for my President.

It was your job to nominate your mates, people who aren't your mates, your Holylands neighbours, your idols and anyone else under the sun for the crown of QUB BNOC 2019. The nominations did not disappoint! Now it's time to use true democracy to crown your winner from these four finalists.

Vote for QUB's biggest legend down below:

Bébhinn Arthurs, Business management, fourth Year

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Bébhinn is a member of QUB SNOW and Enactus and is a strong advocate for bringing back BOX nightclub. She is one burrito away from a Boojum sponsorship and once had a tinder date locked in her uni bathroom. (Shoutout to the fire service for the rescue.)

She has a seriously cool Insta but insists that she is a normal girl and would celebrate her win with pints in The Points. Stay Humble.

She told The Belfast Tab:"I feel like this title is the focus point my CV has been missing. Also it would be beneficial if I ever become fit enough to submit a LoveIsland application."

Jayne Gillis, Human Biology, second year

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Jayne also views this opportunity as quality a CV enhancement. Described as "quiet but deadly" by her fans, Jayne is known for being a loyal Limelight regular.

Her favourite memory in Belfast includes an incident with a fire extinguisher… (If you know, you know, apparently).

Her extra activities at Queen's include making low quality puns in class and being the queen of Human Bio. If she won QUB BNOC, Jayne would celebrate at (you've guessed it) Limers.

Asked to describe herself in three words, she said:"Sponsored by Smirnoff."

Reagan Butcher, Law, first year

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Reagan is from Larne which should in no way deter you from voting for her. She would describe herself with the words "Larne, techno, trance" and is a known party legend in her local neighbourhood, The Holylands. However, Reagan never misses a 9am and for this reason you can catch her petting the therapy dogs outside the McClay on the regular.

Reagan wishes to thank her two uni friends from her law course and whoever drunkenly nominated her for this award. Life is a journey.

"Forgive me father for I have sinned, it's been two weeks since my last Limelight," Reagan told us.

Connor Day, Film and Drama, first year

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Connor is the Chairman of the up and coming Beer and Cigar society, which makes him enough of a legend already. His favourite party spot would have to be his uni flat, which is where the BNOC celebrations would take place, everyone invited.

Known for getting a bit too drunk at his formal and making a questionable speech, Connor thanks his party life for his solid relationship with halls security. He's never been asked for ID, not once.

He told The Belfast Tab:"I'm from Cambridge but I'm not boring."