Elms Village security to ban pre-drinks from September 2019

The infamous anti-craic captains are laying down the law

Elms Village are putting a ban on all pre-drinks commencing September 2019. This comes after security in the student accommodation has been responding to an unprecedented number of alcohol related incidents in the past two years.

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Remembering happier times

Senior security officer Ivor Hardy told The Belfast Tab "This is purely a matter of student safety. We have a duty of care to the students that reside here, and recent events have seen that safety compromised".

Security at Elms say they have dealt with a number of alcohol related incidents which have lead to injuries, hospital visits, and even the involvement of the police. Furthermore, pre-drinks and flat parties are known to cause significant damage to the flats, including smashed TVs and windows.

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Those pale yellow cinderblock hallways were the perfect background for your pre-club photoshoot

So what is it exactly that will not be allowed? Mr Hardy explained that any gathering upwards of five people, with hard alcohol (vodka, gin, whiskey etc) past 9pm will be broken up by the Elms Village security team.

"We will be listening out for music playing after this time, as well as relying on students to anonymously inform the reception desk if their flatmates are seen to be breaking these rules". Mr Hardy stressed the importance of Elms residents looking out for the safety of their peers.

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Elms kitchens: where all the best stories began

For many of us, Elms Village was the beginning of our student experience, and drinking together with flatmates was the ultimate bonding session, especially for breaking the ice during Freshers Week. Pre-drinks now may rely on having a second-year friend who is willing to accommodate.

There is speculation as to whether this will affect the popularity of Elms, with many prospective students looking forward to the party life that university brings, but the security team stressed the priority of student safety and welfare.

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So long, Guinness tower

So far the ban is limited to Elms BT9; it has not been said whether BT1, BT2, and John Bell House are set to follow.

In the meantime, I suppose it's off to Spoons for pre-drinks. And before you make your official complaint to Queen's Accommodation, maybe check the date.