You can smell the Guinness on these St Paddy’s clubbers of the week

We got shamrocked

With our favourite day over for another year, and the week-long hangover survived, it's time to look at the pitchers – sorry pictures – of us doing what we do best; drowning the Shamrock.

Prepare for every St Patrick's pun you've ever needed; your perfect Paddy's throwback captions are incoming.

So let's begin with the dress code.

The Sea of GAA

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Even in the background. It's EVERYWHERE

And what to do without your GAA? Wear green, obviously.

Green as Grass

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Or get your hats on. And pray that at least you take it home!!

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Also that eyeshadow? Iconic.

If all else fails, buy the beard instead of the beer. (Beards spotted in the Holylands Spar- remember that for next year.)

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The leprechauns made him do it!

Once you've got your outfit sorted, it's time to…

Shake your Shamrocks

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If you're this happy, you're doing it right.

Paddy's Girl Gang

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B*witched- they're coming for ya. (So's the guy)

The Boyband

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A different kind of Westlife comeback.

Paddy and Patty of the Weekend

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The Bromance in the back could steal your spotlight!!

And you can't pick out a couples photograph without crediting the third wheels.

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We feel your pain.

Paddy People

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And now all that's left to say is that I think Patrick missed a few snakes.

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Lookin' good though.

Maybe you'll see yourself on here next year!

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