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These students took a 60-year-old man on a night out in Hatfield House

Their video has over 44,000 views

On Thursday night, a group of Magee students were drinking in the downstairs area of Hatfield House, when they saw an old man, Marty, drinking with his daughter. Apparently she wasn't really up for a large one, and left quite early in the evening. But Marty was not ready to go home yet.

On his way out, Marty was recruited for a night out by the group and proceeded to throw the maddest of shapes upstairs at Hatfield House for the rest of the night.

One of them later posted the Snapchat story of the night out on Twitter. The clip now has over 44,000 views.

We got in touch with Calum, the Magee student who posted the video, and he gave us a rundown of what happened.

Speaking exclusively to The Belfast Tab, Calum said: "Basically it all started when we were downstairs. We were drinking and saw this older man sitting down looking at us, so I went over and started talking to him.

"Then my friend Ben came over and started talking to him, because he kind of knew who he was. He works in a local bar near where my friend lives – Marty loved that and recognised him. We were all talking away, but then we left for a while and went elsewhere.

"About an hour later we were out in the smoking area and he was walking out past us. As he was going we all said bye to him and he was like 'I actually don’t want to go home yet', so I was like 'right come on and we’ll go upstairs', so me Ben and my friend Caolan all went upstairs with him and that’s where the video came from".

The video currently has over 44,000 views on Twitter and comments have ranged from "something their ma would do" to "something far deeper to this video, it's the absolute respect shown to an old fella by the young generation, great to see, warms my heart."

Calum told The Belfast Tab: "There's not much more to say. I love the man".

The Hatfield House said: "We like to create a welcoming safe environment for everyone regardless of age. And it just goes to show them 'big bad students' might just not be what they are perceived via various media platforms".

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