Everyone you’ll meet if you go to university in Belfast

You are definitely one of these people

Northern Ireland is not a big country and it's highly likely you'll meet the entire population within a month, but with five out of the eight university campuses situated in Belfast, even if you don't leave the city you'll meet all sorts during your time at uni here.

We have compiled a list of the different people you definitely won't miss during your time in Belfast.

The Culchie

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Tyre shoppin for the Massey is hard going

They'll probably greet you with "how's she cuttin?" if you're able to make out what they said that is. Their idea of a good night out is a jiving to Nathan Carter in the Hatfield. Hailing from South Down and living in the Holylands during the week, they're highly passionate about GAA. You can't miss their O'Neills jerseys, body warmers and crosshatch jeans.

It's virtually impossible to get anywhere with them because they will know everyone. They have to stop and have a 20 minute chat to check up on how your ma, your da, you gran, and your dog are doing. The usual reply will be: "aye, workin away, you know". To be fair, it's hard to find manners like that in the city.

The one whose parents paid for their accommodation

They have a weekly allowance which is double the wages of your part time job in the local Spar (which their mummy and daddy probably own). They will make sure to tell you all about their amazing summer in the south of France, where they made lots of new friends who they're going to visit in their holiday home in Chamonix for a skiing holiday over Christmas. They will probably refuse to go out unless you're getting overpriced cocktails for pres and going to Ollies after.

The PEC regular

Ask if they want to get a coffee after class and they'll say "no sorry, I'm going to the gym". They turn up to class in their gym clothes, with a sports bag slung over their shoulder. Quite frankly, you're sick of their endless gym selfies and you really don't care about how much they can bench.

The one who is obsessed with Boojum

All they ever seem to want to do is "get a Boojum with the lads". They have at least three Boojum t-shirts, all claimed on all their previous loyalty cards and which they will happily wear with pride.

They have their order down to a fine art and they will silently judge you as you fumble over trying to order a burrito, asking the waiter to repeat the options just one more time.

The Thompsons loyal

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"You'll probably spend your £5 entry to spend the entire night in the smoking area"

You didn't even know they were in your class until they had to give a presentation. Likelihood is they probably got rejected from Limelight one night and haven't looked back since.

They'll be dressed in some form of vintage sports attire and you'll find them living it up to techno that you just don't quite understand.

The distant relative you never knew you had

As you know, Northern Ireland is tiny and it's highly likely you'll come across your mum's second cousin once removed's kids during your time at uni in Belfast. You'll bond over this for half an hour and you'll be ecstatic to go home on Friday to tell your parents who you met this week.

You zone out when your mum recalls all her childhood memories with said second cousin and you immediately regret your decision when she whips out her old photo albums. The next time you see your distant relative you'll awkwardly wave hello and mouth "we must catch up sometime". You'll then pretend you have somewhere to be, even though you're going home to watch Netflix.

The blogger

They literally think their word is gold because they post a few pictures on the gram every once in a while with #ad. They refuse to appear in public without their full hair and makeup done and their outfit perfectly styled.

They'll make sure to tell you about all the fab events they've been invited to (when the reality is they probably emailed the PR company to ask for an invite) and they will spend 99 per cent of the time on their phones.

Oh, and don't even think about eating until they've curated a "super cute" flatlay for the gram.

The club PR

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"DM me for guest list" will appear on their Snapchat story at least once a week as they try to rinse a bit of cash from fellow students. They will frequently change their cover photo to the latest club night and you have to scroll back way to far to find a genuine photo of them.

They seem to be out every night and you'll get sick and tired of them tagging you in Facebook posts with 70+ other people in an attempt to get you to go to the club.

The indie kid

They go to gigs in Blackbox and the Empire to see bands you've never even heard of. Most of their wardrobe is from Urban Outfitters, or is just simply borrowed from their dad. They wouldn't dare drink coffee from a machine. Kaffe O and Established are the only places to get real coffee.

They'll come out with philosophical statements which will make you rethink your life and their Insta feed consists of barely visible highly VSCO-filtered images of pretty average-looking stuff.

The cringey couple

They've probably been together since high school and they're already planning their life together for when they finish uni.

When you ask them to go out all you ever hear is "aw sorry, I'm chilling with bae tonight, maybe another time?"

"Another time" will never come. If it does, you can be sure their other half will tag along.

The one who was an extra on Game of Thrones

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Game of Thrones is arguably the biggest thing to come out of Northern Ireland and, if you haven't visited The Dark Hedges, have you even lived?

GoT has brought bus loads of tourists to our wee island and you will undoubtably come across at least one person who will brag about the time they were in the same room as Kit Harrington and Maisie Williams while being an extra on the show.