MPs declare 10 person limit at Holylands house parties

They’ve only gone and done it…

MPs from Belfast City Council revealed new regulations on house parties in the area, declaring that as of today house parties exceeding 10 people will be shut down.

The announcement has come after years of complaints from residents about student disruption in the area and numerous parties having been shut down by police in the past, MPs opened discussions in December about the future of our fun. (Surely, there are more important things they could be discussing…like the strikes, no?)

Now these killjoy politicians are going to rid us of our fun completely as they limit the number of party goers to just 10 people per house.

A sight like this one will only remain alive in our memories

The devastating announcement was revealed to Holylands residents yesterday in a letter announcing: "Any student houses found to be hosting an excess of 10 people will face legal action, and be dealt with accordingly."

The letter, sent by Sfrail Pool, also read: "The Holylands area will be subject to increased police patrols as this new regulation is put into force."

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The letter delivered to students early on Saturday

Students are outraged at the announcement. Second year Carmel Street resident Patrick told The Tab: "This is a joke. There's 10 people living in my house, does this mean we can't even invite one person over?"

Expressing her disgust, third year Jordanstown student Angela stated: "What sort of bullshit regulation is this? We comply to all the rules they've enforced upon us. What more do they want?"

The main defence for the limitations follows the arrest of six students during the annual St Patrick's day celebrations in March, with MPs stating that the 10 person cap would save police time dealing with the unruly student behaviour.

Before you send an extremely angry e-mail of complaint to your local MP, make sure to check the calendar…