Police disrupt street party in the Holylands at 3am and warn they will return tonight

Between fifty and one hundred people were partying in the street

There were no January Blues last night in the Holylands as 50-100 young people were partying on the street. According to a Facebook post by the PSNI South Belfast, "the music was pumping, the drinks flowing, the craic was great" at 3am on Tuesday morning, however "they weren't in the club." Their fun was interrupted by the police, who reported that a fire had been lit in the street.

Once the police arrived, the revellers dispersed, however the PSNI post tells of one man showing off and pulling the finger to them. After running away he was caught and put in cuffs, and "dealt with for disorderly behaviour."

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Although no arrests were made last night, the police have warned they will return tonight (Tuesday 30th) and that "any offences or anti-social behaviour will be dealt with robustly." They added: "Universities will be involved and you will be disciplined."

They reiterated the serious consequences behaviour like this can have for students, with the PSNI spokesperson commenting "Ahhh students… imagine taking up thousands of pounds in debt to study your favourite subject, only to get thrown out of uni because of your behaviour."

At the beginning of the academic year and around St Patrick's day, QUB and Ulster University emphasise the detrimental effects anti-social and disorderly behaviour can have for students.