A list of all the hipster things that students do that make them basic af

You can’t get more unique than a Kanken backpack

'Indie' is short for individual so the whole idea of an indie/hipster culture really doesn't seem to add up. Nonetheless, it's taking up our lives and our social media feeds- Instagram itself is a large part of this culture.

We all strive to be different, especially in this day and age where we share EVERYTHING, so we follow this hipster image which just makes us all look the same.

Here is a list of all the hipster/indie things we do that just make us nothing but mainstream:


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I'm in the train station and I'm already lost

It costs an arm and a leg, is much more stressful than a package holiday or a city break but "aw I just wanted to do something different this year".


Nothing more alternative than blogging because, you know, no one reads anymore. I have opinions and I like to share my feelings so DID YOU KNOW I HAVE A BLOG?

Ankle socks with trainers

Forget socks and sandals, if you really really want to show of your style, rock your ankle socks with your favourite pair of vans. Pop socks just don't keep your ankles snug enough.

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Wall hangings of mandala patterns

Something to be found in almost every student house. These oriental patterned bed sheets hanging on our wall give off the impression we are well cultured and well travelled when in actual fact we picked it up in our local TK Maxx. Add a scratch map for some extra indie vibes.

Listening to alternative bands

Even if you secretly hate the music, just wear their tshirt and everyone will think you're so alternative. (Make them a 90s band for bonus hipster creds.)


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the flash makes us all look like Voldemorts children

All in the name of originality, we pay £10 for 10 exposures which give us low quality photos. But the free photos we take with our iPhones just don't have those retro vibes.

VSCO Cam for ALL our Instagram pics

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HB2 is my personal fave

VSCO Cam is all you need to fulfill all your Instagram aesthetic dreams. A4 and M5 to give you those brown toned retro vibes, HB1 and HB2 to give you that clean white aesthetic.

Anything vintage

In a desperate attempt to distance ourselves from our Hollister obsession circa 2011, we subject ourselves to the cramped and messy railings of any vintage shop to find some loud patterned shirt or a cute little beret. Brands are a no-go unless, of course, it's Levi or Doc Marten, who we are prepared to spend almost a weeks wages on. Next we'll all be knitting our own clothes because we refuse to be a part of this consumer culture.

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Succulents/any green plant

These dubious looking plants are all the rage in student houses and quaint little coffee shops. Serving absolutely no purpose, there's something pleasing about their subtle protest against the brightly coloured flowers of old.

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Plandid photos

Rather than just smile, we create these highly posed artificial photos to give off that carefree 'candid' vibe. OMG I didn't see you there with that camera! I am so chill!

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this is totally candid

Oversized jackets

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because why would you need your hands?

Denim, puffer, suede, leather, whatever you like. Just make sure it's big enough that you're able to wear an oversized jumper underneath!

DIY everything

Jewellery, stationery, clothes, furniture. It's just too common to buy these things pre-made nowadays. "Well now mine is a one of a kind."

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Massive glasses

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I have 20:20 vision but its all in the name of fashion

It's a common belief that glasses make us look smarter. And the bigger the glasses the bigger the brain. Hipsters are smart right?

Kanken backpacks

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You can't go five minutes in any university campus without seeing one of these brightly coloured bags. They're everywhere. For what they lack in style I'm sure they make up for in purpose!

Alternative coffee orders

Why not instagram it to show the world how original and aesthetic our new favourite coffee is? And don't forget to check in at that really obscure coffee shop with its wooden benches and abundance of greenery.

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latte art goals


Probably the most impractical item of clothing ever. Wanna go to the toilet? Have fun stripping down to almost bear minimum. I hope you're not desperate. Giving off those farmer vibes, I can't help but think of the 'Come on Eileen' music video…

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If you didn't instagram it, did you even really have it?

In the wise words of top hipster, John Mayer: