We searched QUB campus and the Holylands to find the best looking boys in O’Neills

One guy asked ‘is this a piss take?’

When one thinks of student life in Belfast, numerous things spring to mind: the Holylands, Buckfast and Boojum. But by simply travelling the streets of South Belfast, a particular fashion trend becomes evident, as hundreds of students go about their business all rocking the same cosy, casual style of O’Neills.

When you’re slaving away at the McClay, comfort is key. Some may say wearing a pair of trackies is as bad as leaving the house in pyjamas, but not the students of Belfast. To them, the thought of wearing cropped jeans paired with shoes with NO SOCKS in the name of fashion appals them, and rightly so.

Here, we celebrate their effortless but classic look:

Ross, UUJ, Human Resource Management; John, UUJ, Architecture; Christopher, QUB, Finance

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Jack and Callum, QUB, International Politics & Philosophy

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Conor, UUJ, Building Surveying

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Daniel, QUB, Computer Science and Andrew, QUB, Finance

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