Violence erupts in Botanic Gardens as woman attacks group of men

The violence unfurled in the student hotspot, leaving one man with a ripped t-shirt

Sunbathing students got more than a quick study break this afternoon, as a fight broke out in Botanic. A young woman was the antagonist, first attacking a young man  who was sitting with his two friends, and then proceeding to repeatedly hit the other men.

She was also verbally abusive, attempting to provoke people and shouting all around her. A number of people were caught up in the violence, including two young women, one of whom was headbutted and the other who was punched in the throat while phoning the police.

A young man, who appeared to be her boyfriend, joined in, attempting to provoke a fight. One man was left with a ripped t-shirt.

Crowds gather in the aftermath

Eventually those involved dispersed and the two attackers raced across the grass, with the girl knocking a bin over as she heard the sirens of the park authorities.

A council worker cleans up the mess left behind

It has been confirmed that a 17 year old girl and 25 year old man have been arrested, and are in custody assisting the authorities.

Queen's University Belfast