Morgan Freeman takes over Belfast

The legendary Hollywood actor has been spotted bopping about town today

Northern Ireland is home to many famous actors, from Liam Neeson to Mr Grey aka Paul Spector aka Jamie Dornan, and some would argue James Nesbitt (we’re desperate here sorry hun), so it comes as no surprise that big Hollywood stars would eventually be lured by the sweet smell of soda bread and shambolic devolved governments.

The most recent actor to succumb to our wiles is Morgan Freeman, who has been spotted out and about the city centre. Known for his ultra-smooth voice that could tell me WW3 is about to start and I’d be completely down with it, Freeman was reportedly filming on Brunswick Street and spotted by fans in the Crown Bar.

Now, I know he’s a serious guy, but I can’t help but feel a bit concerned for Morgan. He just looks so sad:

The Shawshank Redemption had a happy ending so why is he so upset?!

To be honest, he’s probably experienced one day with our weather and that’s what has him so scundered. But, ever the gentleman, he stopped with some fans for a few photos:


With Morgan filming in Belfast, we may be seeing more of him and potential co stars in our wee city.

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