Clubbers of the week: The calm before St. Paddy’s

The uni wants us to go home for St. Paddy’s, so here’s the madness from the week before since nobody will be around on the 17th…

Squad of the week


Stunnas of the week

You can’t sit with us

Bromance of the week

When you get all the bois to wear matching tees

Homance of the week

San Junipero, cry your heart out

Dancer of the week

Put on your red shoes and dance the blues

Spillages of the week

Just ring it out into a cup and it’ll save you going back to the bar

A moment of silence for spilled drink all around the world

A Girls best friend

Wine is a girls best friend

Okay, I lied, donuts are

Happee Derpbay

Blow out all your candles

Best of the rest

When the barman says last orders

This doesn’t even need a caption

Watch my hair wave like the ocean

tfw she asks if you have big balls

tfw you’re pleasantly surprised by the alcohol content of your drink

When your fave song comes on


tfw he just burnt you with his cig

I’ve heard of posing before, but I’m not sure I’m doing it right


Photography credit: Hypefactory (Hideout, Fly Mondays, dsqo, HUSH, Craics 90, Ollie’s Rocks, Electric Playground, FAT WEDNESDAYS, Sketchy), Luke Joyce (Circus),  NOIR (Kabled, Funkarama), Cuckoo, Lavery’s