Belfast student gets tattoo on his thigh, saying: ‘Birds are mad’

He said it’s the best decision he’s ever made

People get tattoos for different reasons. Some get them as a reminder of a life-changing event, or maybe for a loved one. Some just like the way a design looks. But Pearse Fegan wanted to express something he and his friends had been discussing for a while. A conclusion so profound that he wanted it immortalised in the skin on his thigh. Yesterday, on holiday in Magaluf, he got a tattoo saying: “Birds are mad”, and says it’s the “best decision” he’s ever made.

He told The Tab: “I was on holiday with all the lads and was drinking all day, then I walked about Magaluf strip on my own for a bit then that’s the last I remember. I just woke up the next day with it.”

Many may have woken up horrified at their drunken decision, but not Pearse Fegan: “I don’t regret it all – it’s the truest thing ever”.

Pearse on his friend Darren's shoulders

Pearse on his friend Darren’s shoulders

He explained his reasoning: “Yeah just my mates and I having to deal with birds if its either our ma’s, friends who are girls or girlfriends. We’ve just came to the conclusion birds are proper mad because they don’t think logically and crack up about ridiculous things.”

In a status that has received over 200 likes, Pearse said:

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Pearse is an 18-year-old student from west Belfast and has just finished his AS levels and is into upper 6th at St Mary’s Christian Boys Grammar School. He justified the permanent marking on his upper-thigh, explaining that girls are “all maniacs”.

Pearse and a 'bird'

Pearse and a ‘bird’

The reaction to his tattoo has been mixed. When his family found out, he said: “They weren’t too happy at first but they don’t mind now like.”

He said his mum “just called me a dick and asked if I regretted it. I completely don’t regret it” he reiterated.

Pearse was not alone in getting his tattoo. His friends, Darren and Paddy, also got them. Paddy’s was the same as Pearse’s, while Darren got “Up the mob”. The tattoos are all in font-size eight on the boys’ upper-thighs.


Responses from his friends on Facebook have ranged from “word” to “I thought you were a toaster head, now I think you’re Gandalf the Great”. One fan even said Pearse was his “idol”.

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Pearse is still in Magaluf, set to return tomorrow. He says: “Out of the four of us who went away, three have tattoos, 300 euro [spent] between us, two phones are lost, two wallets are gone and there’s a broken ankle.

“This place is fucking madness.”