Belfast ranked second in the UK for blowing money on partying

Hundred dolla bills

Belfast students have been ranked second in the UK for spending money on booze, according to a study carried out by Natwest.

We’re second in the UK for expenditure on nights out, spending an average £7.84 a week on nights out. We come just behind Edinburgh – who spend £8.19 – and ahead of Newcastle, £7.81.


We’re well above the national average of £6.65. At the bottom of the scale is Cardiff, spending a mere £4.69 a week on going out.

Despite going out so much, we rank ninth in being hard-working, beating the likes of Edinburgh, Bristol and York, with 30.82 hours a week.

Throw ya gang sign up

Throw ya gang sign up

Sadly, though, we appear to spend the least hours socialising of all the unis in the report – lower than Oxford – with only 6.84 hours a week spent actively communicating with our peers. We’re probably too hungover all the time.

It’s a good thing we’re saving so much money on rent and working more part-time hours than students at all the other uni – so we have money to burn on the important stuff.